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How the Duke Energy Progress Small Business Energy Saver program works:

  1. Lime Energy performs an energy assessment at the customer’s facilities including lighting, HVAC and refrigeration.
  2. Lime Energy builds a scope of work proposal that includes program-eligible, pre-approved replacements for existing equipment. All offerings follow the guidelines of the program and are commonplace within the industry. Materials are supplied by major manufacturers.
  3. If proposal is accepted, the installation is scheduled.
  4. Lime Energy contracts with a local Ally Force partner to provide installation services. Ally Force partners enter into a price-per-unit-installed agreement with Lime Energy. The payments are consistent with industry standards.

Small Business Energy Saver

Looking for an opportunity to grow your business and expand your work? Join Lime Energy’s Ally Force partner network – the approved contractors for the Small Business Energy Saver program (SBES).


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About the Ally Force Network

The Ally Force network is comprised of approved contractors for the SBES program. As an approved contractor, you have the opportunity to grow your business, expand your client base and cross-sell your services. You will have a steady stream of installation project work, with all logistics and materials handled by Lime Energy.

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Why Join the Ally Force Network

Project volume

    • Predictable and weekly assigned project work
    • Ease of project management

Revenue expansion

    • New client contacts
    • Cross-sell opportunities
    • Recognition within other Duke Energy Progress programs

Minimal cost of sales

    • Marketing managed through the program
    • Projects sold and qualified through Lime Energy
    • Local projects

Program training

    • Technology training for better customer service
    • Safety enhancements
    • Emerging energy-saving technologies


Program Requirements

In order to join the Ally Force network, your business must meet the following requirements:

Established business

    • More than five years serving North Carolina and South Carolina customers
    • Strong project references
    • More than five employees/contractors

Small commercial installation experience

    • Scale to deliver multiple projects ranging in size from $1K to $5K
    • Unit pricing alignment
    • Electrical contractor’s licenses in North Carolina and/or South Carolina
    • Lighting, refrigeration and/or HVAC


    • Capable of coordinating project activity electronically via program construction Web portal
    • Dedicated administrator to support project scheduling

Insurance and data requirements

    • Adhere to customer data privacy policy
    • Must meet insurance coverage limits


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