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3 Smart Devices to Lower Energy Costs for Small Businesses

Saving money throughout the year can be a challenge – so why not take advantage of every tip and trick you can find? One of our favorite money-saving tips is to use smart devices to lower electricity bills and save money at your small business.

A smart device is any electronic that interfaces with a wireless network, like Bluetooth or 3G, that works remotely or autonomously to help you save energy every month. As smart technology and devices grow more popular, business-owners have more options to use to save energy. From regulating the temperature, to controlling traditional devices, to putting certain rooms on an automated lighting schedule, smart products make it easy to cut energy costs.

Smart Thermostat: Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart devices like a Nest Learning Thermostat can be automated to fit your company’s schedule. Whether you decide to have the heat or AC come on at certain times of the day, turn off on the weekends or want different temperatures set in each office, Nest works with you to cut unnecessary energy costs. Plus, you are able to control your Nest Thermostat right from your smartphone, making it easy to save energy no matter where you are located.

Smart Plug: Zuli Smartplug

Although there are many smart devices out there, many of the products we use on a daily basis aren’t considered smart – so they need a bit of help. That is where the Zuli Smartplug comes in. Simply plug your not-so-smart device, such as a lamp, TV or computer, into Zuli and you’ll be able to control it right from the app on your iPhone. Whether you want to automate, schedule or monitor a device, Zuli gives you the ability to save energy on all your tech devices.

Smart Light Bulb: The Hue Lux

One of the most popular smart devices out there are the line of Hue smart bulbs by Philips. The Hue Lux bulbs provide a high quality warm white light that can be brightened or dimmed to best suit your needs. Designed to fit in your office’s current fittings, these smart light bulbs are controlled through the hue app – allowing you to set alerts, timers, schedules and IFTTT recipes for the best energy savings results.

Smart devices are here to stay, which means huge energy savings and almost unlimited customization from anywhere. With the continued development of these smart technologies, small businesses will be able to implement more devices that will help them be more efficient, lower energy costs and help save money throughout the year.


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