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6 Tips for SMBs to Stay Energy Efficient During the Holidays

During the holiday season and winter months, keeping an eye on your company energy usage can mean big savings. A majority of a building’s energy loss can be controlled at little or no expense, while some small expenditures have enormous long-term savings.

  1. Light Up the Season – There are a number of good reasons for switching to LED and Energy Star rated holiday lighting. LED lights are more versatile than incandescent options and the energy savings will pay for the switch in only a short time.
  2. Filters and Ductwork – Clean filter installation will help your heating system work more efficiently as it moves air from room to room. Sealing leaks in the ductworks can reduce total heating costs by a significant amount at a very small cost.
  3. Climate Control – Simply setting the thermostat for a time of year is not enough anymore. Today’s programmable thermostats can automatically control the heating needs of a building, reducing the temperature during “off†hours and then warming the facility before the first morning arrivals.
  4. Temperature Leaks – Worn weather-stripping or caulk can be identified by drafts around windows and doors. Interior rooms should also be caulked or sealed to prevent heat loss between used and unused rooms. An enclosed foyer or entryway will reduce heat loss when someone enters or leaves.
  5. Energy Efficient Lighting – Replacing existing lighting with energy efficient models is as easy as plugging in a replacement bulb for standard fluorescent fixtures. Keep in mind that using replacement lamps only postpones the inevitable. The choice to replace the entire fixture from the beginning has proven to produce the greatest long-term savings.
  6. Powering Down Equipment – Any office equipment that goes unused for a period of time should be completely shut down, which helps to save energy. Even a power splitter with all connected devices turned off will continue to use power, so the best tactic is to unplug unused devices.

The Internet of Things

On-demand control over the devices in your office is has arrived. Using special online protocols, computers, HVAC systems and many common devices can “learn†behavior patterns and preferences, which allows you to optimize the comfort conditions inside the office using smart technology. For example, an empty room would be able to detect the lack of an occupant and reduce the room temperature, dim or extinguish lights, and open or close the blinds based on the time of the day or night. Easy overriding commands could be a quick smartphone connection away.

Lime Energy appreciates your time and hopes you have found this post a helpful one. Our goal is to provide small and medium sized businesses with information that can save money and give them a better understanding of wise energy usage.


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