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Small Business and Commercial LED Lighting That Wows

If you’re like most small or mid-sized businesses, your lighting costs make up roughly 40 percent of your monthly electric bill. But you could save thousands of dollars over time with an LED lighting upgrade. It’s that simple. LEDs can reduce your lighting costs by as much as 75 percent. They last up to 10 times longer than other bulbs so your maintenance costs are lower and you don’t need as much lighting inventory. If the financial incentive isn’t enough to choose commercial LED solutions, there are plenty of additional reasons to update your lighting, including:

  • A more inviting environment for employees and customers
  • Improved security
  • Fewer employee errors
  • Greater ability to attract and retain tenants
  • Enhanced product displays that boost sales
  • A more environmentally friendly approach to lighting
At Lime Energy, we offer a broad range of business and commercial energy solutions—everything from HVAC upgrades to commercial LED lighting and more.

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From cozy and romantic to spacious and fun, there’s no question that lighting, when done right, sets the tone in a restaurant. It entices customers through your front door and encourages them to eat, drink and stay longer. Warm, cool, bright or dim—restaurant LED lighting offers brightness and warmth options to suit your needs. Plus, it drastically reduces your lighting costs while significantly improving safety and efficiency for your staff. Restaurants use five to seven times more energy per square foot than other businesses. That’s why a restaurant LED lighting retrofit is worth every penny.

Grocery/Convenience Stores

In the supermarket industry, LED lights are superheroes. They not only reduce energy costs and improve bottom lines on the expense side, but they add value on the revenue side. LED lights allow your products to shine—literally. Fruits and vegetables look brighter, flowers appear fresher and meats look (and stay) redder. That all adds up to loyal customers and increased sales. Plus, because LED lights burn much cooler than fluorescent lights, food is less likely to spoil. For refrigerators and freezers, LED lights run more efficiently and can be adjusted to focus on specific products rather than entire shelves. LEDs enhance the exterior and interior appearances of food stores, as well—creating comfortable environments for customers and employees alike.


LED lights can transform dark, dingy offices into bright, warm spaces. A brighter, more pleasant atmosphere helps customers feel welcome and improves employee morale and productivity. And whether you operate one office or several offices, a commercial LED lighting upgrade will lower your energy use and reduce your electricity bills. LEDs give you flexibility, allowing you to dim or brighten lights in various parts of the office and at various times throughout the day. Because LEDs last up to 10 times longer than other bulbs, you’ll spend less time changing burned out bulbs and will reduce your need for lighting inventory.


In factories and warehouses, safety and efficiency are critical. Retrofitting older fixtures to brighter LED lights can significantly improve productivity and reduce accidents. Most factories and warehouses are wide and expansive; the lighting needs to be bright enough to illuminate deep aisles and penetrate dark spaces. LEDs are the workhorses that will get the job done. In addition, they can be turned on and off quickly (and often) without skipping a beat in brightness and longevity. LED lights are budget friendly, which is a major advantage in huge, energy-eating factories and warehouses. Yes, LED lighting upgrades can be more expensive, but the investment is recouped in just a few short years through lower electric bills. Case in point: One Lime Energy customer cut its energy bill by $30,000 a year with a warehouse lighting overhaul. Now that’s smart business!

Auto Dealers

When you manage an auto dealership, it’s essential to showcase your vehicles. The chrome must sparkle and the paint jobs should pop. It’s just as critical to create inviting and safe shopping experiences both outside on your lot and inside on your showroom floor. LED lighting has the power and flexibility to accomplish those goals—and save you money. The beauty of LED lights is that their brightness and direction all can be customized for every space. Out on the lot, LEDs cast light evenly to avoid dark spots and help customers feel safe. Inside the showroom, they convey warmth and can be aimed at your showstoppers. LED upgrades improve maintenance and repair garages, too. Better lighting allows your workers to spot dings, scratches and faulty parts easily. It all adds up to a better environment for your workers and customers and lower costs and higher sales for you.


From attractive storefronts to appealing displays to safe parking lots, retail spaces are heavily dependent on effective lighting. When your lighting is out of date, it sends the message that your merchandise and your business acumen are, too. The proper lighting encourages customers to feel safe in your parking lots, eager to walk through your doors and passionate about buying your merchandise. LED lighting saves you money while getting your cash register humming with sales.

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