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Benefits of Efficiency for Grocery and Convenience Stores

If you are a grocery or convenience store owner, you are probably focused on tasks that will ensure your business’s success and sustainability. Whether you want to increase sales or cut costs, energy efficiency is a strong option to achieve these results. Since the average-size grocery or convenience store spends about $200,000 on annual energy costs, energy efficiency could improve the bottom line for most stores. But in addition to the cost savings, small business owners can unlock other benefits by making energy-saving upgrades to lighting, refrigeration, and heating and cooling systems.

Here’s how grocery and convenience store owners can benefit from energy-efficient upgrades:

Improve profitability 

For grocery and convenience store owners, the amount spent on energy expenses is often comparable to a store’s profit margin. Even a small cost saving could improve their financial standing. And according to the government’s ENERGY STAR program, every dollar saved translates into $59 in sales. A reduction of consumption from energy hogs like refrigeration and lighting can significantly increase profitability.  

Reduce food spoilage

Supermarkets lose 43 billion pounds of food to spoilage each year. Business owners can cut down on rotten produce with more efficient refrigeration equipment. Upgraded equipment reduces lighting heat emissions, which helps to keep products fresh and on the shelves longer.  

Increase sales 

When food shopping, customers are most selective when choosing goods like meat or produce. Upgraded LED lighting will improve the appearance of these foods, increasing the likelihood of customer purchase. 

Reduce maintenance

When aging equipment breaks down, it is often expensive and time-consuming to repair. Equipment upgraded with efficiency measures is more reliable and less costly than an inefficient system needing frequent repair. 

When grocery and convenience store owners make energy-saving upgrades to equipment, they can improve their operation and financials. Even minor improvements to lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration can increase sales and reduce food spoilage. With programs like Lime Energy’s making energy-efficient upgrades affordable and hassle-free, small business owners can now unlock the many benefits of energy efficiency with ease. 

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