Industry Advantages: LED Lights in Warehouses

LED lights can benefit any business by saving the business owner money from energy costs. Certain businesses, however, profit uniquely when upgrading their lights. We will be running a series of weekly blog posts describing those industry-specific advantages. For our first post, here are the benefits of LED lights in warehouses.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 06.06.17

Refrigerator Recycling: A Personal Energy Efficiency Story

One of the goals of this blog is to identify opportunities for energy efficiency. The benefits of efficiency are plentiful, but so are the occasions. They are everywhere – at your business, in your kitchen, even hiding in your basement. Recycling an old, moldy refrigerator just showed me how easy and available energy efficiency is.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 06.01.17

An Unexpected Defense of the Popular Energy Star Program

In his first budget proposal, President Donald Trump suggested major cuts for many federal environmental programs. Among the casualties of the “America First” budget would be the Energy Star Program, a popular and successful energy efficiency initiative. Energy Star costs little and saves billions. Eliminating it would be a huge mistake.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 05.10.17

Lime Energy’s Fuel for Thought – Energy Efficiency Links for April and May

Lime Energy gathered some of the latest industry news for you. After a long hiatus, we are back with even more energy efficiency news to share.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 05.09.17

Overcoming the Challenges to Small Business Energy Efficiency

Research shows that it is hard to improve the efficiency of America’s small businesses. They are among the hardest utility customers to address with energy efficiency programs. Lime Energy has figured out how to overcome these barriers by offering simple assessments, providing financing options, and making small business our sole focus.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 05.02.17

The Energy Assessment: A Painless First Step to Unlocking Your Energy Savings

Curious about your facility’s energy savings potential? Begin with a quick visit from one of Lime Energy’s Energy Service Representatives. They will identify energy efficiency opportunities in your building and explain how you can save with a few simple upgrades. Best of all, the energy assessment is free and requires no commitment.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 03.30.17

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