Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for February

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This month in Fuel for Thought we have promising developments both at home and abroad, both decorative and practical.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 02.16.17

The Secret to Customer Satisfaction: Don’t Just Engage, Delight!

If you represent a utility struggling to meet expectations for customer satisfaction, you are not alone. Lime Energy has helped more than a dozen utilities redefine their relationship with small commercial customers. To help show how utilities can improve customer satisfaction scores, Lime Energy has released a new e-book. Continue reading to learn more…

Posted by Heather Halstead on 10.28.16

Efficiency Spotlight: Lime Energy Builds on Results in New York

Since Lime Energy started serving New York’s small business customers in 2009, we have rapidly expanded our energy efficiency operations across the state. From Beacon to Buffalo, Rochester to Riverhead, we have established ourselves as the state’s leading provider of small business energy solutions.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 10.03.16

Energy Efficient Refrigeration: The Coolest Way to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Grocery stores, delis, restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry can spend more than half of their energy bill to cover the cost of running refrigeration equipment. For these businesses, energy efficient refrigeration represents a tremendous savings opportunity and Lime Energy can help.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 09.21.16

Energy Efficiency Policies, Initiatives, and Predictions: Mississippi

Since 2012, Mississippi has taken a leadership role in the Southeast for energy efficiency, rising from the bottom of the ACEEE's annual State Energy Efficiency Scorecard in 2012 to "most improved" status in 2013 and beyond.

Posted by admin on 08.14.15

Energy Efficiency for your Medical or Dental Practice

As a doctor or dentist, your primary focus is patient care. At Lime Energy, our focus is finding energy saving solutions for our small business clients. With over 20,000 energy efficiency projects completed each year, we have experience finding solutions for many different types of businesses. Here are some energy facts and efficiency solutions relevant […]

Posted by admin on 07.17.15

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