Overcoming the Challenges to Small Business Energy Efficiency

Research shows that it is hard to improve the efficiency of America’s small businesses. They are among the hardest utility customers to address with energy efficiency programs. Lime Energy has figured out how to overcome these barriers by offering simple assessments, providing financing options, and making small business our sole focus.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 05.02.17

The Energy Assessment: A Painless First Step to Unlocking Your Energy Savings

Curious about your facility’s energy savings potential? Begin with a quick visit from one of Lime Energy’s Energy Service Representatives who will identify energy efficiency opportunities in your building and explain how you can save with a few simple upgrades. Best of all, the energy assessment is free and requires no commitment.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 03.30.17

Energy Efficiency Financing – Clean Energy Made Affordable

Although its benefits usually outweigh its costs, energy efficiency can be expensive. Even with generous utility incentives, upfront costs for an efficiency upgrade can run several thousand dollars. Fortunately, Lime Energy offers energy efficiency financing that minimizes sticker shock. With financing packages that can extend to five years, we make efficiency affordable from day one.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.12.17

Efficiency Spotlight: Lime Energy Builds on Results in New York

Since Lime Energy started serving New York’s small business customers in 2009, we have rapidly expanded our energy efficiency operations across the state. From Beacon to Buffalo, Rochester to Riverhead, we have established ourselves as the state’s leading provider of small business energy solutions.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 10.03.16

Energy Efficient Refrigeration: The Coolest Way to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Grocery stores, delis, restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry can spend more than half of their energy bill to cover the cost of running refrigeration equipment. For these businesses, energy efficient refrigeration represents a tremendous savings opportunity and Lime Energy can help.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 09.21.16

GE to Phase out CFLs, Focus on LED Lighting

Earlier this year, General Electric announced it was breaking up with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Read more to find out what that means for lighting technology and for advances in small business energy efficiency.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 06.02.16

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