Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for February

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This month in Fuel for Thought we have promising developments both at home and abroad, both decorative and practical.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 02.16.17

Remembering Arthur Rosenfeld

This week our community mourns the passing and celebrates the legacy of one of its pioneers. Arthur H. Rosenfeld passed away last Friday leaving behind not only loved ones but also a lifetime of inspired and inspiring work on behalf of energy efficiency.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.31.17

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Tracking Early Energy Changes Under President Trump

In office for a few days, President Donald Trump has already initiated major changes in US energy policy. From energy efficiency standards, to transmission regulations, to his America First Energy Plan, President Trump has launched American energy strategy in a new direction. We explain what his major policy changes might mean for the future.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.26.17

Energy Efficiency Financing – Clean Energy Made Affordable

Although its benefits usually outweigh its costs, energy efficiency can be expensive. Even with generous utility incentives, upfront costs for an efficiency upgrade can run several thousand dollars. Fortunately, Lime Energy offers energy efficiency financing that minimizes sticker shock. With financing packages that can extend to five years, we make efficiency affordable from day one.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.12.17

Energy Efficiency: The Quiet Giant. An Interview with Lime Energy’s Jonathan Baty.

In the first in our series of conversations with industry experts on the past, present, and future for energy efficiency, Jonathan Baty discusses energy efficiency’s impact on the global energy scene, how it enables other clean energy advancements, and new areas for innovation that will require further investment.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 10.06.16

Bright Lights Made Easy: Make Your Home Lighting More Energy Efficient

Lime Energy makes it easy for small businesses to upgrade to more efficient lighting, but small business employees don’t have the same luxury for their homes. Making your home more efficient doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency on the job and at home.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 09.07.16

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