Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for November

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This month we give thanks for another year of growth for energy efficiency and clean energy. This month’s news features national and international developments that affect both small businesses and entire countries.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 11.27.17

Refrigerator Recycling: A Personal Energy Efficiency Story

One of the goals of this blog is to identify opportunities for energy efficiency. The benefits of efficiency are plentiful, but so are the occasions. They are everywhere – at your business, in your kitchen, even hiding in your basement. Recycling an old, moldy refrigerator just showed me how easy and available energy efficiency is.

Posted by Matthew Kahn on 06.01.17

Remembering Arthur Rosenfeld

This week our community mourns the passing and celebrates the legacy of one of its pioneers. Arthur H. Rosenfeld passed away last Friday leaving behind not only loved ones but also a lifetime of inspired and inspiring work on behalf of energy efficiency.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.31.17

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Tracking Early Energy Changes Under President Trump

In office for a few days, President Donald Trump has already initiated major changes in US energy policy. From energy efficiency standards, to transmission regulations, to his America First Energy Plan, President Trump has launched American energy strategy in a new direction. We explain what his major policy changes might mean for the future.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 01.26.17

Seasonal Efficiency Advice from the Lime Team

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Gift-giving, decorating, travel plans, shorter days, and cold temperatures take a toll. This year we have gathered efficiency advice from the Lime Energy team to help lighten your (energy) load for this December and for winter months to come.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 12.20.16

What the Election of President Donald Trump Means for America’s Energy Strategy

When the American people elected Donald Trump as their next president, they chose a new course for America’s energy strategy. Below, we look back at our (lightly edited) post from November on Trump’s election to reexamine what you can expect to change (or remain the same) over the next four years.

Posted by Heather Halstead on 11.09.16

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