In our running series on the industry advantages of an LED upgrade for certain business types, we located unique benefits for five common industries. Those posts analyzed the many ways that a small business owner can improve their facility and save money with a lighting upgrade. For those businesses, the upside of a switch to LEDs includes:

Industry Advantages: Warehouses

New LED lights can make work environments safer and improve employee productivity. With better lights, warehouses can avoid those dark aisles and boost workplace performance by as much as eight percent. Saving money on monthly energy bills is another huge way to gain an advantage through an LED upgrade. One Lime Energy customer, for example, is now saving more than $30,000 in annual energy costs after upgrading warehouse lighting.

Industry Advantages: Retail

By replacing old lights with LEDs, retail stores can improve the appearance of both interior and exterior spaces. Inside the store, new lights can spotlight products on display. Outside the store, LEDs draw customers’ attention and make parking lots safer. LED lights also save on electricity costs. They can reduce lighting-related electricity costs by more the 75 percent.

Industry Advantages: Grocery

At grocery stores, the right lights can make fresh food look even fresher. Research suggests that LED lights can improve the appearance of both red meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. LEDs offer the additional bonus of reducing energy bills and although they require a larger initial investment than incandescent lights, they pay for themselves over time.

Industry Advantages: Restaurants

Lighting in restaurants is all about ambiance. When a restaurant upgrades to LEDs, it has an opportunity to customize interior lighting to suit the desired mood. Creating the perfect mood matters. According to hospitality professionals, proper lighting often makes customers remain at restaurant for a longer time. Restaurants use five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. In such an energy-intensive industry, opportunities to reduce energy consumption make a tremendous difference. The reduced energy usage from an LED upgrade provides a similar reduction in energy costs.

Industry Advantages: Car Dealerships

With cars on display in interior showrooms and exterior lots, auto dealerships require a wide variety of lighting solutions. LED lights can meet all of these needs. They set the right mood, reduce glare, and highlight the cars displayed in the showroom. They also create inviting outdoor lots that are bright from end to end without any of the dark, unlit areas created by other types of pole lights. And car dealerships are ripe with opportunity for energy efficiency savings. Because they use up to 18 percent more energy than the commercial building average, the reduced energy costs from new LEDs deliver an even more noticeable advantage.

Matthew Kahn

Content Writer

Posted on 08.28.17

Energy Efficiency Small Business