Few business types rely more on appearance than retail shops. While attracting customers is essential to generating sales, customer tastes can be fickle. That is why presentation is so important. An attractive store can be the difference that piques a customer’s interest or provides a competitive advantage. New lights can provide exactly the type of appearance upgrade that makes the difference. That these new lights can also help a shop owner save money, as LEDs do, is an additional bonus. Here are some of the biggest advantages of LED lights for retail:

Welcoming Environment

Old or dull lighting makes a business seem outdated. LED lights can spruce up your appearance, making it more welcoming. By upgrading your lights to LEDs, you can get the look you want. LED lights come in a variety of warmth and brightness ranges. You don’t have to worry about lights that are too bright or too harsh – you can customize to your desired look, giving your business exactly the welcoming appeal to attract the most customers.

Improved In-store Displays

Customers are more likely to buy things if they can see those things. With directional lighting and undercounter lights, LEDs can help your customers see the items they might want to purchase. Some retail businesses are especially reliant on the way their goods are displayed. For jewelers, for example, undercounter lights that shine are essential to the presentation of inventory. Gems and jewels will achieve maximum sparkle if lit properly. Not every retail store needs to show off products in the same way, but they can all benefit from improved displays that encourage customers to make a purchase.

Parking Lots Too

Exterior LEDs offer a different type of improvement. By upgrading exterior lights to LEDs, small businesses can make their outside shine as brightly as the inside. Exterior LEDs are especially useful for parking lots. Replacing older exterior lights with LEDs makes parking lots brighter and safer. A well-lit exterior makes potential customers feel safer because they are safer.

Improved Profitability

LED lights save on electricity costs. They can reduce lighting-related electricity costs by more the 75 percent. Although they require a larger initial investment, LEDs also reduce maintenance costs because the bulbs can last as long as 20 years. When combined, the reduced energy bills, minimal maintenance, and improve sales have the potential for a dramatic boost to a business’s bottom line. Under bright LED lights for retail, stores can uncover the energy savings and improved appearance that has been available all along.

Matthew Kahn

Content Writer

Posted on 06.21.17

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