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Eleven Percent!

Energy efficiency upgrades since 2000 have reduced global energy demand by eleven percent. According to Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, recent accomplishments have made the world more efficient but energy efficiency remains a resource that is mostly untapped. International Energy Agency.

Caribbean Clean, Sharing the Same Energy Dream

Part of the reason for the explosive success of energy efficiency worldwide has been leadership in unexpected places. More isolated, less populated locales are leading the charge on clean energy. In a recent article, Justin Locke and Jesse Gerstin explore how countries in the Caribbean have become clean energy leaders and climate champions. Rocky Mountain Institute.

Leaked Draft Supports EE

The Department of Energy recently conducted a study of on the reliability of the power grid. While completing the study, the DOE made some interesting observations about energy efficiency. The study, writes Joe Romm about a leaked draft, predicts that American energy efficiency upgrades will save consumers more than $545 billion in utility costs between 2009 and 2030. ThinkProgress.

Killing Efficiency – Still Unwise

Despite the benefits of energy efficiency explained by his own Department of Energy, President Trump  still proposes to slash efficiency programs. A few months ago we explained why this would be a huge mistake. Lime Energy.

Like a Heat Wave Burning in My Heart

Do utilities like heat waves? Some utilities, especially in the South, earn more profits as temperatures soar. Still, Catherine Wolfram finds that the answer to this question is more complicated than a simple yes. Energy Institute at Haas.

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Matthew Kahn

Content Writer

Posted on 07.25.17

Energy Efficiency