Boston Showcase Goes Green With All New Energy Efficient Lighting

Blog post excerpted from the Boston Showcase Company November/December 2012 Newsletter

With the support of Lime Energy and a wonderful program sponsored by NSTAR, Boston Showcase Company recently underwent a major transformation towards energy efficiency.

With 2 floors of warehouse space and an additional floor – which is home to our beautiful showroom and our office space – we have hundreds and hundreds of fluorescent lights in our building. All of our lamps and ballasts were recently replaced with energy efficient options, greatly shrinking our electrical usage and reducing our carbon footprint tremendously. Not only were all of the overhead lights replaced, but also all of the lights in our display cases were swapped out as well.

Maureen Kiely, with Lime Energy said her company “prides itself on discovering ways to dramatically reduce (their) customers’ energy cost and improve quality of light in the workplace.”

NSTAR is able to greatly subsidize the program to cover a majority of the energy efficient lighting installation cost. With savings in energy cost, the entire installation will pay for itself after only two years. Lime Energy estimated that the implementation of the project at Boston Showcase Company is the equivalent of taking two cars off the road, not to mention the improvement and consistency of the lights in their office.

If you think your business might be interested in this program, contact Lime Energy today!

For more information about Boston Showcase Company, click here to visit their website and be sure to “like” them on Facebook!

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