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There are roughly 28 million small businesses in the United States—90 percent of all commercial establishments. Small businesses have been responsible for the creation of 65 percent of all jobs over the past 20 years. They contribute $8.5 trillion to our economy, roughly half of the $17 trillion Gross Domestic Product. If you’re in charge of a small or midsized business, you have a big job. Lime Energy is the partner you need to keep moving in the right direction with energy-efficient upgrades for your interior lighting, exterior lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, energy monitoring and automation.

Our Services Help Your Business Shine Brighter

When it comes to helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their energy efficiency, Lime is the total package.

Turnkey Service: How It Works

The beauty of relying on Lime Energy is that we handle every part of your energy-efficiency project—from A to Z. That includes a free energy audit, affordable financing, top quality equipment, flawless installation, time-consuming rebate and warranty paperwork and more.

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Over time, energy-efficiency projects typically pay for themselves—and then some. But it still may be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses to come up with the money to cover the upfront investment. At Lime, we offer financing strategies to offset or delay initial costs. Problem solved.

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National Accounts

We’re a major provider of energy efficiency services across the country. Whether you’re managing one site or multiple locations, our assessment, consulting and implementation services can reduce your operations and maintenance costs—and improve the value of your facilities and infrastructure.

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Under our SAVE program, we measure how much participating utility customers save each month. Then, we bill them for a portion of those savings and they keep the rest as profit.

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Why Choose Lime Energy

Every six minutes, Lime helps a small business become energy efficient. Join the revolution.

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They Saw the Light

Lime Energy has saved business owners across the country more than $1.5 billion in energy costs. Find out how.

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Spotlight on Results

Learn how Lime Energy can reduce your energy costs, boost employee productivity and maximize customer comfort.

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