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Guaranteed Savings From Day One

At Lime Energy, we understand the short-term and long-term value of energy efficiency projects. But we also understand that small and medium-sized businesses are often strapped for cash and unable to tap into these programs, even though they realize the savings will add up over time. That’s why Lime Energy offers its SAVE program in partnership with utilities in certain areas. With SAVE, businesses are guaranteed savings from day one.

What’s our SAVE Program and how does it work?

Tap in—and SAVE

Under the program, your business can take advantage of a free energy assessment and enjoy new energy-efficient equipment at no initial cost. Under our program, Lime Energy leverages cutting-edge technology to accurately assess your monthly usage. Then, based on monthly energy cost savings guaranteed by Lime Energy, your business is billed monthly for just a portion of the savings you generated. SAVE allows you to permanently reduce your operating costs without the burden of out-of-pocket expenses or debt.

Consider These Programs and Incentives

Lime Energy offers this program and other affordable options for its eligible utility customers, including Commercial Direct Install, Pay-for-Performance and REAP. Lime Energy has the skills, experience and network in place to achieve money-saving results for small businesses. To find out more about incentives and rebates in your area, choose your utility provider from the menu below.

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When it comes to customer satisfaction, Lime Energy’s energy efficient upgrades shine bright. Check out what our clients are saying about our energy conservation services.

“We saw immediate savings with the electric bill going down … love the new lights and we were able to buy new equipment with the savings” Michael J. Harris
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