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Discount Music Center

Discount Music Center

Florida Business Singing a Cost-Saving Tune

For years, Discount Music Center has provided music lessons, music equipment sales and rentals, recording studio time and entertainment space to customers in Orlando, FL. Creating the right atmosphere not only highlights their space and products, but also ensures that customers enjoy the experience. That’s why economical lighting that is also aesthetically pleasing plays an integral role in achieving the center’s business success.

The Lime Energy SAVE Program makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to high-efficiency lighting. The program offers a free energy assessment to determine the most cost-effective lighting solutions customized for a business’s unique needs. Monthly energy cost savings are guaranteed through state-of-the-art technology that measures usage. Customers pay for the upgrade out of their cost savings—so they never spend more than their pre-existing energy expense.

Lime Energy’s free energy assessment of Discount Music Center showed new lighting throughout the store would offer significant energy savings within a short timeframe. Owner Steve Grier opted for the 36-month shared savings term with an anticipated monthly savings of $842. With the SAVE Program, his monthly lighting upgrade payments were estimated at $632, making him $210 cash flow positive every month. Lime installed LED lighting throughout the main store showroom, studios, banquet ballrooms, hallways, mezzanines, warehouse, music rooms, storage/inventory rooms, offices, restrooms, classrooms, kitchen and more. Grier anticipated saving 9,144 kWh of electricity per month and $7,579 during the 36-month shared savings term.

“Listen, this deal almost falls under the category of too good to be true,” Grier said, “because I refreshed all of my lights in my entire facility and I’m paying for it through my savings and I’m pocketing a couple hundred dollars every month.”


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Thanks to incentives and energy savings, lighting upgrades are not cost-prohibitive for small businesses. In many cases, like this one, companies that adopt more energy-efficient lighting are cash flow positive from Day 1! Lime

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