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Earthgoods Market


Earthgoods Market is a health food mecca that has been providing locals with organic, natural health foods, products, and educational events since 1977. As a small business that thrives on the art of display, quality lighting is necessary, and having those measures be cost-effective is crucial.


Earthgoods Market decided to upgrade to energy-efficient LEDs. With Lime Energy and their utility company, they not only saved over $4,000 annually but according to owner Clement Lau, “the lighting was much brighter than expected.” After the guaranteed incentive from their utility, interior LEDs, and annual savings, Mr. Lau was more than satisfied with the program and the overall process. Clement Lau said, “Everything went well, the lighting was much brighter than expected. The Project Manager was very responsive and helpful and followed up with me to ensure I had a good experience and was satisfied with the work done.” 


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