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Maryland Food Bank


Since 1979, Maryland Food Bank has established a strong foundation as the state’s central hunger relief organization. Building partnerships with food retailers and working with large agencies, they have created regional distribution centers to serve Marylanders across the state. The food bank provides food to the over 682,000 Maryland residents who do not have enough to eat or who struggle to feed their families.

To keep costs focused on those in need, this community organization focuses on reducing operating costs and improving sustainability. More cost-effective lighting solutions are helping them achieve that mandate.



Lime Energy worked with the Maryland Food Bank in Salisbury to offer, at no cost to the charity, an upgraded
lighting system. These upgrades will save the food bank an anticipated 40,048 kWh of energy, resulting in total annual energy cost savings of $4,805. The project replaced all the existing fluorescent and H.I.D. lighting at the Owens Branch facility. Lime Energy installed new LED panels throughout the offices. The project also included vapor tight fixtures in the refrigerated storage areas, linear high bays for the main warehouse, and pole lighting and wall packs for the building’s exterior. The Rexel Corporation donated the materials and Lime En

ergy donated all labor and administration.

These contributions completely covered the cost of the upgrade. Lime Energy provided the Maryland Food Bank with
a modern LED system that will save on energy costs, keep maintenance to a minimum and provide a safe and pleasant environment to continue service in their community. Lime Energy is proud to be a part of this project and gives thanks to all who made this possible.

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