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Prairie Du Rocher School


 Prairie Du Rocher Elementary, a public school located in Illinois, has been helping students reach their full potential for nearly 50 years. School Principal Larry Beattie and Prairie Du Rocher’s teachers work every day to provide students with an optimal learning environment and play a big role in their students’ academic success.

Providing adequate lighting is a key part of establishing that optimal learning environment. The team at Lime Energy saw room for improvement in the school’s lighting and energy usage. Lime provided a free energy assessment that revealed the school could see significant savings by switching to LED lighting. The upgrade would also improve the school’s appearance and create better learning conditions for the students. 


After learning about the benefits, Principal Beattie decided to move forward with the upgrade through Lime Energy, a registered ally of the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Program. The team upgraded the existing fluorescent lights to high performing LEDs in key areas. The school is now saving $3,139.61 on annual energy costs. 


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