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Westlock Controls


Westlock Controls operates a global business improving the monitoring and control of process valves. Offering products and services 24/7  to four continents can be an expensive proposition for Westlock Controls. Westlock Controls Manager, Alan Krestner sought a solution to lower operating costs and increase efficiency. 


To manage these costs, the company upgraded its multi-metered facility through Lime Energy with their utility company. The warehouse targeted for upgrade has three separate electric meters servicing the facility. Lime Energy addressed the HVAC upgrades, interior T8s, T5s and LED projects in three stages so all program incentive thresholds could be optimized. Westlock Controls Manager Alan Krestner was left satisfied with the program and his savings. He said, “All work was completed safely and within the project completion dates. Installation techs were courteous, efficient and left work areas clean.” Following the upgrades, Westlock Controls’ warehouse now saves over $50,000 annually. 

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