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Checklist for Choosing an Energy Efficiency Provider

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How efficiency programs can serve hard to reach customers

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Energy Efficiency is the Most Cost-Effective Tool to Fight Climate Change Right Now

New Jersey now has impressive plans to take bold climate action. Last year’s Clean Energy Act set a new path for clean… READ MORE

ACEEE 2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard Review

Earlier this month, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its 2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The scorecard… READ MORE

Schools are leveraging energy efficiency to improve student performance

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RECAP: UN Climate Action Summit Calls for Increased Action

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Why Create a More Efficient Property?

Property managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of an assigned facility—from budget management to daily upkeep. With a never-ending… READ MORE

Industry Advantage: Energy Efficiency for Healthcare Facilities

Businesses can save on energy costs by making efficiency upgrades throughout their facility. These upgrades can range from LED lighting… READ MORE

Commercial Direct Install – New York’s Secret Weapon for Reforming the Energy (Efficiency) Vision

In this post, co-written by Adam Procell, Lime Energy President and CEO, and Matthew Kahn, Lime Energy blogger and content… READ MORE

Efficiency in 2018: A State of the Energy Efficiency Industry

Where does the energy efficiency industry stand at the start of 2018? Two new reports offer insight into that question…. READ MORE

Is Bitcoin Energy Efficiency’s Newest Villain?

Bitcoin’s value is skyrocketing. So is bitcoin energy consumption.

New York Must Make Energy Efficiency a Priority Now

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An Unexpected Defense of the Popular Energy Star Program

In his first budget proposal, President Donald Trump suggested major cuts for many federal environmental programs. Among the casualties of… READ MORE

Overcoming the Challenges to Small Business Energy Efficiency

Research shows that it is hard to improve the efficiency of America’s small businesses. They are among the hardest utility… READ MORE

Tracking Early Energy Changes Under President Trump

In office for a few days, President Donald Trump has already initiated major changes in US energy policy. From energy… READ MORE

Energy Efficiency Financing – Clean Energy Made Affordable

Although its benefits usually outweigh its costs, energy efficiency can be expensive. Even with generous utility incentives, upfront costs for… READ MORE

What the Election of President Donald Trump Means for America’s Energy Strategy

When the American people elected Donald Trump as their next president, they chose a new course for America’s energy strategy…. READ MORE

The Secret to Customer Satisfaction: Don’t Just Engage, Delight!

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Energy Efficiency: The Quiet Giant. An Interview with Lime Energy’s Jonathan Baty.

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Efficiency Spotlight: Lime Energy Builds on Results in New York

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Glen Canyon and Diablo Canyon Offer Looks Backward and Forward

The Glen Canyon Dam and the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, two of the most controversial energy projects in American… READ MORE

Explaining, Analyzing the New Proposal for Clean Power Plan Incentives

The EPA just released a series of design details that clarify the CEIP component of the CPP for both RE… READ MORE

Senate Passes Bipartisan Energy Bill

Last Wednesday, April 20, 2016, the Senate passed the Energy Policy Modernization Act, a sweeping energy bill and its first attempt… READ MORE

New York State of Efficiency: How New York's Utilities Have Stepped Up To Meet The Regulatory Challenge

In June of 2008, New York State created the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS). This statewide initiative’s goal was to… READ MORE

Energy Efficiency Policies, Initiatives, and Predictions: Mississippi

Since 2012, Mississippi has taken a leadership role in the Southeast for energy efficiency, rising from the bottom of the… READ MORE

How Utilities Can Initiate, Facilitate, and Deliver Successful Small Business Energy Efficiency Solutions

Implementing effective small business energy efficiency programs can be a challenge for some utilities. It can be difficult to develop the… READ MORE

How Utility Companies can Break Through Barriers to SMB Energy Efficiency

One of the largest remaining opportunities in energy efficiency is the small business market. While utilities are often quick to… READ MORE

4 Steps to Improving Small Business Energy Efficiency (SBEE) Program Participation

Small businesses are the driving force behind today’s economy and have created more than 65% of new jobs over the… READ MORE

Energy Efficiency Policies, Initiatives and Predictions: Indiana

Indiana is a Midwest state that is well known for its importance in the energy industry. In 2012, the state… READ MORE

A Solution to the Small Commercial Building Energy Retrofit Challenge

The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) Council on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate has recently released a report entitled… READ MORE

Everything You Need to Know about the History of Utility 2.0

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5 Reasons Utility Companies Should Hire a Small Business Efficiency Partner in 2015

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3 Smart Devices to Lower Energy Costs for Small Businesses

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