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Celebrating 2017 Energy Efficiency Achievements

2017 was a big year for Lime Energy and our employees. We asked our team members to share their biggest personal and professional energy efficiency achievements from this year. Here are some of their answers.

Lime Energy’s employees accomplished big things in 2017. They promoted efficiency in their homes and communities. Across the country, from New Jersey to California, Massachusetts to North Carolina, Lime Energy employees shared uplifting stories of improved efficiency and cleaner energy use. To celebrate the huge gains made in 2017 by all members of the Lime family, we give the stories of five people who made a difference this year.

Karen, North Carolina

Personally, my biggest energy efficiency accomplishment for 2017 was converting to tiny house living. Professionally, being a part of a regional team that has saved customers over 24,000 MWh of energy consumption is a big accomplishment and one I take great pride in.

Roberta, New Jersey

I installed window treatments in my home. New shutters and sun blocking have helped reduce the energy needed to heat the house in the winter and cool the house in the summer.

Kelly, Massachusetts

Working closely with my Program Manager, I audited a large nursing home that will save an estimated $58,000/year and 277,000 kWh/year as a result of energy efficiency upgrades. I believe this was the largest single project in our program since I joined Lime Energy.

Tony, California

I just finished putting solar on my house. While solar panels are not really energy efficiency, they provide similar clean energy benefits and the project was a big accomplishment for me personally.

Matt, New Jersey

This year I helped establish new programs in four different states and expand our partnerships with three utilities. I also found tremendous personal fulfillment sharing my discoveries through this blog. If even a few people learned something by reading my posts, I consider that a success for 2017!


Thank you to each and every Lime Energy employee who helped make 2017 a watershed year for the company. We continue to expand our work across the country. This year we delivered energy efficiency to more areas than in any previous year. We hope you found your own personal and professional energy efficiency achievements in 2017.

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