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Charting 1,600 Clean Energy Projects in New Jersey

In an article published last week, the New Jersey Spotlight reported that the state has been spending approximately $1.3 million per month for energy efficiency improvements through the Direct Install Program.  The dots on the heat map below represent a company, business or individual who received a grant through the program.

Small businesses, schools and municipal facilities are all eligible for the program, providing their peak demand doesn’t exceed 150 kW per month.  Approved contractors for the program like Lime Energy, perform energy audits for eligible facilities and then recommend and install new equipment.  Direct Install grants cover 70% of the project cost and the customer is liable for the remaining 30%.  According to the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), clean energy measures last an average of 15 years and each dollar invested saves between $4 and $11.

According to the article, since its inception in 2009, the NJ Direct Install Program has paid approximately $50 million towards Energy Efficiency Upgrades and is the largest of nine energy efficiency programs targeted at industrial and commercial users. Lime Energy is proud to help the Direct Install Program bring energy efficiency solutions to New Jersey businesses and we congratulate them on their commitment to clean energy.


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New Jersey Clean Energy Program: Direct Install Participating Contractor

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