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Checklist for Choosing an Energy Efficiency Provider

After searching for different ways to improve your business, you may have recently concluded that energy-efficient upgrades are the best way to cut costs and increase efficiency. But now, you will need an energy efficiency implementor to do the job. What should you consider when selecting an energy provider? 

It’s a fact, not all energy contractors are created equal—and choosing the cheapest option may create more expenses or inconveniences in the long run. It is important to find a contractor with the right expertise, who works on your schedule and offers a comprehensive warranty. A turnkey energy implementor with the right credentials can ensure that your energy-efficient upgrade is affordable, hassle-free, and gets you the greatest savings. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a checklist of what you should look for when shopping for an energy provider. Whether you choose Lime Energy or go another route, here is what to look for:

1. Free energy assessment

Find an energy provider that offers a free, no-obligation energy assessment. This free recommendation will reveal the areas with the most energy-saving opportunity in your business, so you are guaranteed the potential upgrades will improve your facility’s efficiency.

2. Experience upgrading small/medium businesses 

When looking for an energy provider, look to see if they have experience working with small and medium businesses. You want an implementor who knows your business-type well and can perform several upgrade types like lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration. Energy providers with small and medium business experience allow you to avoid the hassle of finding multiple contractors to do the job, plus they can assure the upgrade will be quick and problem-free.

3. High-quality materials 

Some contractors may use low-quality materials to lower the initial quote. But you can avoid this pitfall by asking your contractor what quality grade they typically install. If a lighting product is Energy Star qualified or DLC approved, it has a high level of energy efficiency. Using a high-quality product ensures reliability and reduces the likelihood of pricey repairs.  

4. Project management 

Managing an energy efficiency upgrade is a time-consuming task, and for most small business owners, free time is scarce. Find an energy-efficiency provider who handles the entire project and completes all paperwork from start to finish, so you can continue running your business without interruption.

5. Warranty 

When equipment breaks down, it takes time and money to fix. You can avoid this headache by selecting an energy implementor with a comprehensive warranty. In the unlikely event that your new equipment needs repair, you can resolve this issue with a quick call and no out-of-pocket costs.  

6. Financing options 

Some business owners assume upfront project costs are out of their budget, so they dismiss efficiency upgrades altogether. But energy-efficient upgrades can be budget-friendly when working with the right energy implementor. Energy contractors often have relationships with utilities and work to secure project cost incentives, which lower the initial cost. To take things a step further, some contractors offer several financing options to cover any remaining expenses. Business owners can achieve energy savings with little to no out-of-pocket costs. 

Saving with energy-efficient upgrades doesn’t have to be complicated and pricey, especially when working with a turnkey energy provider. An experienced energy implementor, like Lime Energy, makes the process easy by providing energy solutions tailored to your business’s needs. And best of all, turnkey energy servicers can help cover the project cost, so you can start saving immediately without impacting your budget or schedule. 

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