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Efficiency Spotlight: Lime Energy Builds on Results in New York

Since Lime Energy started serving New York’s small business customers in 2009, we have rapidly expanded our energy efficiency operations across the state. From Beacon to Buffalo, Rochester to Riverhead, we have established ourselves as the state’s leading provider of small business energy solutions.

Lime Energy first began operations in New York in 2009 as the exclusive provider for a small business direct install program in western New York and quickly emerged as the state’s leading supplier of direct install services. Since then, our engagement has blossomed and now covers the majority of the state. We have now worked with five of the state’s six investor-owned utilities while serving another 60,000 small businesses in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Since our humble beginnings, we have distinguished ourselves by prioritizing small business customers and delivering excellent customer satisfaction. Of the NY business owners we served, 97% say they would recommend energy efficiency programs to their neighbors.

Our expansion across the state spurred an equivalent growth in our ability to delivery energy savings to New York’s small businesses. Since 2009, through our programs with the state’s utilities, we have helped more small business customers than any other firm. As of June 2016, we completed 38,511 energy efficiency projects in the state of New York. These projects save small business owners 584 Gigawatt hours of energy every year. Saving 584 GWh is no small feat. Each year, we save NY small businesses more electrical energy than is generated by Alaska and Vermont combined, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Those 584 saved Gigawatt hours allow businesses to reduce their energy costs by an estimated 68 million dollars year after year, a real point of pride for Lime Energy.

As proud as we are about the savings we generate for small businesses, we take equal pride in the environmental impact they generate. By eliminating wasteful energy consumption, we help prevent the emission of over 410,421 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent as calculated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Each year, Lime Energy retrofits offset the CO2 emissions caused by burning 46 million gallons of gas or 437 million pounds of coal, or they offset the greenhouse gas emissions of 86,000 cars. New York State and Governor Andrew Cuomo recently established ambitious environmental goals and Lime Energy continues to help the state reach those goals.

Despite these achievements, there is still room for growth in NY. While New York has taken steps to improve efficiency under Cuomo’s REV initiative, these steps still trail the efficiency savings measures adopted by nearby states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The state, especially the Public Service Commission, can help expand energy efficiency by establishing higher statewide energy efficiency standards. Utilities also play a part. They can maintain their own standards at a rate higher than those mandated by the state, a commendable step already taken by National Grid in Massachusetts. And Lime Energy and other energy services providers have their own responsibilities to keep efficiency on the rise in New York. We will continue to pioneer new ways to deliver efficiency to the state’s small businesses, adding our own contributions and innovations to expand on seven years of dedicated service. The dramatic expansion of energy efficiency in New York since 2009 inspires us to continue improving our offerings in the state and we look forward to both reaching new customers and providing new services to existing ones.

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