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Energy Efficiency for your Medical or Dental Practice

As a doctor or dentist, your primary focus is patient care. At Lime Energy, our focus is finding energy saving solutions for our small business clients. With over 20,000 energy efficiency projects completed each year, we have experience finding solutions for many different types of businesses. Here are some energy facts and efficiency solutions relevant to medical and dental practices:

The EPA estimates that for medical and dental practices, every dollar saved by energy conservation is the equivalent of $10 in newly generated revenues. Though your business may be similar to a general office space in its use of lighting, heating and cooling, there are many equipment needs unique to the medical and dental fields that also require energy usage. With this in mind, what are some energy efficiency solutions for your practice?

Medical and Dental Energy Efficiency Solutions

Turn off idle machines: It sounds simple, but every 1000 kWh saved by turning off machinery when not in use equates to $100 savings on your power bill, or the equivalent of $1000 in new patient revenue. 

Purchase Energy Star Equipment: When new equipment is needed, purchase Energy Star equipment to make sure you will be using less energy to run the equipment.

Utilize the Practice Greenhealth resource: When making purchasing decisions, Practice Greenhealth offers information about environmentally preferable products and equipment, including RFP/RFI information.

Retrofit T12 lamps with T8 lamps, T5 lamps or T-LED’s: These more efficient products will last longer and require less maintenance. The better quality lighting also makes for a more pleasing office environment, and can improve medical accuracy and performance.

Install LED bulbs: LED bulbs are small and efficient, making them a smart choice for exit signs and task lighting.

Replace incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent lamps or LED’s: These are the best and most efficient choices for downlighting, wall lighting, sconces, and task lighting.

Install lighting sensors: Occupancy sensors will turn off lighting in areas that only need occasional lighting, such as conference areas, storages areas, and bathrooms.

Properly maintain HVAC systems: Perform periodic maintenance to prevent clogged ducts and vents, repair seals and leaks, and clean dirty coils to ensure that your system is operating at its most efficient level.

Inspect door and window caulking: An annual inspection of doors and windows will allow you to make the most of your heating and cooling efforts.

Insulate: Adding insulation to walls, crawl spaces and roofs will prevent heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Install programmable thermostats: This will allow you to adjust the temperature according to the season, and to ensure that the office is not being heated or cooled unnecessarily when it is not in use.

Implementing these energy efficiency solutions require an upfront investment, but will be well worth the savings over time. While the solutions listed here are applicable to the typical medical and dental practice, there are even more solutions that will be specific to your business. An energy efficiency audit with Lime Energy will reveal the potential for even greater energy savings based on your space usage, office configuration, building materials and many other variables unique to your particular location. To learn about the most energy efficient solutions for your medical or dental practice, contact the experts at Lime Energy.

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