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Energy Efficiency for Your Retail Business

As the owner of a retail business, you know that the energy needs of your store are different from the needs of other types of businesses. At Lime Energy, we understand that when it comes to energy efficiency solutions for our business clients, one size does not fit all. We have completed over 100,000 projects for a wide variety of small business clients, and this experience enables us to offer energy efficiency solutions specific to the retail sector. Here are some of the benefits and energy efficiency solutions for retail businesses:

Benefits of Energy Efficiency for Retail Businesses

In a typical retail establishment, lighting and heating account for almost 70% of the energy consumption. How will you benefit from increasing the energy efficiency of your business?

Increased Sales of Energy Efficient Products:

Energy efficient products produce brighter, clearer, and more attractive light. This creates a more pleasant shopping experience and better product visibility which attracts more customers, causes them to stay longer in the store, and results in increased sales. 

Increased Profitability from Energy Savings:

It’s simple enough, less money spent on energy allows you to become a more profitable business. Any money saved on energy goes straight to the bottom line.

Decreased Vulnerability to Energy Spikes:

With increased energy efficiency, your retail business will be less vulnerable to spikes in energy costs caused by external factors beyond your control, such as extreme weather conditions, policy changes, and energy price increases.

Positive Public Image:

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, and are likely to be more brand loyal to an energy efficient company who is leaving a smaller global footprint. In addition to doing something good for the earth, you will create loyal customers who feel good about giving you their business. 

Low-Cost Energy Efficiency Solutions for Your Retail Business

Knowing the many benefits of becoming more energy efficient, how can your retail business make immediate changes to conserve energy? Without making any purchases, there are several changes that you can make right away to become more energy efficient:

Power Down Equipment:

When lights, computers, cash registers and electronic displays are not in use, turn them off. Every 1000kWh saved by turning off equipment not in use saves $100.

Proper Maintenance of Equipment:

Schedule cleaning and maintenance of existing equipment to proactively address any potential energy wasting problems. Common equipment maintenance should include economizers, air filters, gaskets, condenser coils, door seals, cabinets, panels, and refrigeration settings.

Temperature Set-Backs:

Turn down temperature settings during unoccupied times and adjust the temperature to accommodate for seasonal weather changes.

Long-Term Energy Efficiency Solutions for Your Retail Business

While short term solutions may provide a quick-fix, you should also take steps toward long-term energy efficiency for your retail business. Here are some ideas that will help your business use less energy over time:

  • Change fluorescent lighting from T-12 to T-8 or T-5 lamps, or T-LED’s which use up to 35% less energy.
  • Change display lighting from quartz halogen lamps, commonly used to accent featured merchandise, to brighter, cleaner, and significantly more efficient LED’s.
  • Replace incandescent bulb exit signs with LED exit signs. This can save $35 per sign per year, and LED signs can last 25 years as opposed to the much shorter one-year lifespan of the incandescent bulbs.
  • Wherever possible, use natural daylighting.
  • Improve security and customer visibility by improving parking lot lighting through the use of highly efficient LED’s.
  • Install lighting occupancy sensors for storage areas, offices and restrooms.
  • Replace your HVAC system if it is over 10 years old.

In many areas, these upgrades will be incentivized by your local utility. To see if you qualify, visit your local utility website. 

Of course, though these solutions are common to retail businesses, the size, location, configuration and unique qualities of your business will need to be addressed. If you would like more information about how you can make your retail business more energy efficient, contact Lime Energy for an energy efficiency consultation today.

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