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Energy Efficiency for Your Small Business: Automotive Dealerships

As the owner of an Automotive Dealership, you are the expert on all things automotive. At Lime Energy, we are the experts on helping businesses understand their current energy usages and expenses, and helping businesses like yours save energy and money. Because we have completed over 100,000 projects, for a wide variety of small business clients, we understand the unique energy needs of your business. This article will discuss the unique energy efficiency needs and solutions for automotive dealerships.

Energy Usage for Automotive Dealerships

The average auto dealership uses about 18% more energy per square foot than a typical office building. Why is that the case? There are many factors that affect the energy usage of this particular type of business.

Hours of Operation: Unlike many other types of businesses, auto dealerships are often open 60 or more hours per week. This means lights, heating, cooling and office equipment are in use for longer amounts of time.

Parking Lot Lighting: It is important for an auto dealership to have a large, well lit parking lot, but this extensive lighting uses lots of energy.

Building Structure: Often auto dealership buildings are constructed with expansive glass and window areas for a pleasant, open, inside/outside shopping experience for their clients. However, this architectural feature makes the building less efficient to heat and cool.

Volume of Foot Traffic: Of course, foot traffic is important for sales! But, as customers frequently enter and exit the building, heated or cooled air also has the chance to exit the building.

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) reports that energy is the third highest operating expense for dealerships. With this in mind, auto dealerships who take steps to conserve energy have much to gain.

Energy Saving Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

NADA statistics show that if automotive dealerships throughout the nation reduced their energy consumption by 10%, it would result in an overall savings of about $193 million dollars. What is the best way for your auto dealership to do its part and save your portion of that sum? Here are a few updates that will help your business conserve energy:

  • Updated, high efficiency HVAC equipment
  • T-LED’s
  • T5 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts in low-bay applications
  • LED’s for exterior, security and high-bay lighting
  • Compact fluorescent fixtures and bulbs
  • Daylight controls on all exterior lighting
  • LED Exit signs
  • Occupancy sensors for all low-traffic areas
  • Machinery with high-efficiency motors and variable speed drives
  • Updated, energy efficient office equipment

Though these updates involve making purchases now to save money over time, the upfront expenses will be a wise investment and will help your dealership become more energy efficient. The savings will be well worth it. The best part? In many areas, utility companies offer exclusive incentives to their customers to subsidize the cost of these projects. 

In addition to these energy saving solutions that apply to all auto dealerships, there are other solutions that will be specific to your building and your dealership. The best way to learn about solutions unique to your business is to contact Lime Energy for an audit. An audit will show you the potential for energy savings, which will equate to more money for your bottom line.

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