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Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting: Stunning LED Parking Lot Lights and More!

Light Up the Night With the Magic of LED

In the entertainment world, dark, dingy parking lots are perfect backdrops for scary movies. But in the real world, they can be a business owner’s worst nightmare. Proper exterior lighting plays a significant role in your success. People don’t want to shop or work in locations where they don’t feel safe. Your customers and employees deserve brightly illuminated parking lots, walkways, building exteriors and grounds for safety and easy navigation. When you own a factory or warehouse where work is often performed outside, you want your employees to be able to work safely and efficiently, as well. At Lime Energy, we offer a wide selection of LED parking lot lights and other outdoor lighting that will address your needs. Our exterior lighting is safe, eye-catching, economical and eco-friendly.

We Have the Inside Track on Exterior Lighting

Our exterior lighting designs have transformed auto dealerships, convenience stores, factories, warehouses, retailers, office buildings and more into inviting yet functional spaces. Lime Energy has worked with business owners across a broad spectrum of industries to improve parking lot lights and other outside lighting. LEDs are designed to throw out greater illumination using less light, making them ideal for exterior spaces. Plus, you can say goodbye to the glare and shadows that are common with traditional lights. LEDs are made to last years, not months, so you’ll spend less time and money replacing bulbs, which can get even more expensive when you need to rent special equipment to reach high poles. At Lime, we know just how costly your parking lot lights and other exterior lights can be, especially since many businesses need to keep outdoor lights operating 24/7. When you upgrade to LED lighting, you can save as much as 65 percent on your energy bills.

Here’s How It Works

The team at Lime Energy will conduct a free energy audit to determine the upgrades that will refresh your exterior lighting and slash your energy bills. We also have the tools and expertise to pinpoint energy-saving strategies for your interior lighting, HVAC system, automation, refrigeration and more. Once your audit is complete, we’ll draft a thorough proposal for the improvements that we’re convinced will work for you. To keep your costs as low as possible, we’ll search for rebates and explore no-money-down and other financing options for qualified buyers.

We Do It All

led parking lot lightsThe beauty of choosing Lime Energy is that you get to sit back and watch us do all of the work. Our process is turnkey. We handle everything: from conducting the free energy audit to providing top-quality products to installing your new energy-efficient equipment. We complete all of the paperwork for warranties and LED rebates online or by mail. At Lime Energy, we provide affordable LED upgrade financing packages to soften—and in some cases even eliminate—the initial financial hit of your upgrades.

Case Study: Bard College

Lime Energy helped Bard College save more than $110,000 a year on its energy costs through a campus-wide upgrade of exterior and interior lighting.
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Illuminating Reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Lime Energy’s energy efficient upgrades shine bright. Check out what our clients are saying about our energy conservation services.

“We saw immediate savings with the electric bill going down … love the new lights and we were able to buy new equipment with the savings” Michael J. Harris
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