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Send Out-of-Control Refrigeration Costs to the Deep Freeze

Warm Up to Serious Savings

You can look at the glass as half empty: When you operate a restaurant, grocery store, convenient store or other food-related business, your refrigeration costs can make up as much as 60 percent of your energy bill.
Or you can look at the glass as half full: Refrigeration systems are potential gold mines for energy improvements that lower operating costs and boost bottom lines. Lime Energy has helped more than 125,000 businesses capitalize on energy-efficiency upgrades and we can do the same for you.

Trust Lime Energy for Upgrades, Retrofits

Just say the word and we’ll schedule a comprehensive assessment of your refrigeration equipment. Then, we’ll recommend the upgrades that are best for you—from replacing old, outdated or substandard equipment to retrofitting newer systems that need tweaking for maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Today’s more energy efficient refrigeration systems can save you a bundle.

It Really Is This Easy With Lime

Here are just some of the steps Lime Energy can take to revolutionize your refrigeration system:

  • Install LED case lighting that uses less energy and generates less heat. As a result, you spend less in energy costs to keep your products cold.
  • Upgrade to brushless EC motors that are quieter, last longer and use less energy.
  • Add anti-sweat controls that keep display cases moisture-free (so customers enjoy an unobstructed view of your products) while still keeping your energy costs under control.

Why Partner With Lime?

Lime Energy is unique because our process is turnkey. We’ll conduct a free energy audit to identify energy improvements that make sense for you. We insist on only the highest quality products, which we install flawlessly. We offer affordable financing plans and handle all of the paperwork for rebates and warranties.

Illuminating Reviews

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Lime Energy’s energy efficient upgrades shine bright. Check out what our clients are saying about our energy conservation services.

“We saw immediate savings with the electric bill going down … love the new lights and we were able to buy new equipment with the savings” Michael J. Harris
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