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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for February

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This month in Fuel for Thought we have promising developments both at home and abroad, both decorative and practical.

Small Businesses Evolving

Small businesses are constantly evolving to meet customer needs. Barry Ritholtz looks at some trends in the evolution of America’s small business. He finds that while small-business lending and job gains are on the rise for small businesses, the number of new businesses has not seen a similar growth. The Big Picture.


When installation of new LED lights began on the George Washington Bridge last month, the overpass joined New York City’s other bridges and tunnels on the list of places to receive energy efficiency upgrades. As Larry Higgs reports, the GWB’s LEDs can “be choreographed to music to blink, flash and change colors.” How festive!

Urban Density as Efficiency

Increasing urban density is an unheralded way to reduce energy use. While energy efficiency is an essential element to reducing global energy consumption, this article by David Roberts highlights new research that explains how siting our buildings closer together is just as beneficial. Vox.

Efficiency Worldwide

Energy efficiency is taking off across the globe. Jamaica, Nigeria, and Scotland announced new commitments to efficiency earlier this week. While there may be more opportunities for efficiency in energy-intensive developed countries like the United States, the benefits of more efficient measures are just as powerful for developing countries. As Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy and Technology explained, he is “aware of the importance of energy security and efficiency in driving development.” Jamaica Observer; The Guardian; Scottish Housing News.

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