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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for July

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. From Pokémon warnings to the furry terrors right under our nose, take a look at what is happening in the world of energy efficiency.Ceres and CleanEdge released their most recent clean energy rankings for American utilities. In addition to explaining the current state of clean energy deployment, the annual report ranks the largest investor-owned electric utilities by their commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency. Eversource Energy led across both energy efficiency categories with PG&E adding the second-most incremental annual efficiency in 2014 and National Grid boasting the second most savings from all efficiency programs. Ceres.

Gaming phenomenon Pokémon Go, the mobile app that encourages players to seek digital creatures in the real world, has taken the country by storm and electrical utilities are no exception. Gamers have been visiting power plants, substations, and transformers in hopes of finding some of the game’s electric-type Pokémon. As Elizabeth Harball reports, utilities are telling players to heed posted warnings, noting that these facilities can be dangerous. If you share the urge to expand your Pokédex, please look elsewhere for that elusive Voltorb or Electabuzz. ClimateWire.

While Pokémon may be the newest energy-related danger, squirrels remain the biggest animal threat to our power grid. As Christopher Ingraham wrote back in January, squirrels have caused 623 power disruptions since 1987 and caused 137 outages in 2015 alone, more than all other animals combined and even more than storms over the same period. Washington Post Wonkblog.

Don’t have time to read the clean energy news? Now you can keep up while on the go with the new Direct Current podcast from the US Department of Energy. Direct Current. And if you want a more technical and analytical take on recent happenings, Greentech Media’s Energy Gang has you covered. The Energy Gang.

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