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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for May

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. Take a look at what is happening in the world of energy efficiency.Oracle, the computer tech and cloud-computing leader, reached an agreement to acquire energy data company Opower for $532 million. Stephen Lacey writes in Greentech Media that the deal could be good for both companies.

Low-income families face an energy burden that can be up to three times higher than wealthier families’ burden according to a new ACEEE report. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

Looking for a new solution to energy storage? Try an old technology. David Roberts explains how one company is using trains to store surplus energy from the grid. Vox.

John Kerry capped off Earth Day by signing the Paris Climate Agreement. Andrew Marantz traveled with Kerry to the United Nations. He explores the Secretary of State’s perspective on the deal and explains how the adorable photo of Kerry and his granddaughter came about. The New Yorker.

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