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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for November

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This month we give thanks for another year of growth for energy efficiency and clean energy. This month’s news features national and international developments that affect both small businesses and entire countries.

A Bipartisan Opportunity

Energy efficiency is broadly popular. A recent poll showed that 94 percent of Americans found energy efficiency upgrades are either very important or somewhat important. Efficiency, write Terry Sobolewski and Ralph Cavanagh, is the rare bipartisan issue in our hyper-partisan time. Given this wide support, the authors call for Congress to protect and bolster efficiency funding in Washington. New York Times.

40 Billion Dollars!

Opportunities for efficiency upgrades remain robust in the United States but they are even greater in the developing world. A new report from the United Nations estimates that developing countries could achieve electricity savings of 40 billion dollars a year by switching to LED lights. Replacing the billions of incandescent bulbs operating around the world, explains Noah Horowitz, is the fastest and cheapest way to cut global carbon emissions. National Resources Defense Council.

SMB Tips for Utilities

Utilities struggle to enroll small businesses in energy efficiency programs. Small and medium business can represent as much as ninety percent of a utility’s commercial customer base. Less than two percent of these businesses participate in local efficiency offerings. To help utilities reach this elusive group, Mark Henderson has a series of helpful tips for utilities including low entry costs and segmenting by business type. Ecova.

The New Global Climate Leaders

For years, the United States government has been the face of American clean energy leadership. Under the Trump administration, the White House has vacated that role. Cities and states have stepped in to drive American energy progress. Leaders from other countries have taken up the mantle at the international level. With the United Nations Climate Conference occurring this month in Germany, many writers took the opportunity to examine how non-federal actors can help the world achieve its climate goals despite resistance from Washington. Here is a sampling of those articles: Rocky Mountain Institute, Vox, New York Times, Jerry Brown via USA Today, Los Angeles Times.

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