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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for October

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. This Halloween, energy efficiency doesn’t have to be scary or spooky. With these energy links for October, stories from North Carolina, Texas, and New Jersey show that efficiency is more treat than trick.

Tar Heel LEDs

If you are reading this post, you probably know that LED bulbs are important. But how important? By examining the transformational potential of LEDs in North Carolina, Nathan Daigle argues that most of us are underestimating the LED’s impact. Durham Herald-Sun.

Efficiency Old and New in Texas

New buildings are increasingly green, efficient, and sustainable. Old buildings convey history and culture but often lack these clean energy benefits. By using Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, writes Kate Zerrenner, a developer in Texas accomplished both. With a Texas record of $23.9 million in PACE funding, the developer revived Dallas’s Butler Brothers Building that was built in 1910 while cutting energy use by 40 percent. Environmental Defense Fund.

The Pathway to 50 by 50

A 2007 law in New Jersey required the state to achieve a fifty percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 from 2006 levels. In the ten years since the law, New Jersey has not taken the steps needed to achieve that goal. A new report outlines the policy options available for the state. You can download the full report or you can read this pithy summary from the Rutgers Energy Institute. While significant policy changes are necessary, the summary explains, no new legislation will be required. Rutgers Energy Institute.

Small Businesses, Economic Growth Engine?

Andrew Finn has some creative but sensible suggestions to help small businesses, specifically service-industry businesses, grow. These businesses, he explains, grow by hiring new employees who drive greater sales. This type of growth requires investment capital, something sparse for most American small businesses. Finn’s suggestions involve changes to taxes and lending that could help small businesses expand and contribute more to job growth. Finn’s Cave.

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