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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy Links for September

We’ve gathered some of the latest industry news for you. With Fall upon us, let’s take a look at what is happening in the world of energy efficiency.

Leaving your lights on? Umbra Fisk explains why you should turn off the lights when you leave the room without worrying about decreasing the life of your lightbulbs. Plus, she has a nice little pitch for LEDs. Grist.

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed an aggressive bill to reduce emissions, including short-lived pollutants like methane and black carbon. Brown likened his efforts to battle climate change to the challenge Noah faced when building his biblical ark, saying “We’ve got to build our ark, too, by stopping climate change, by stopping dangerous pollutants and doing it as soon as possible.” Sacramento Bee.

One of the main targets of the bill will be dairy farmers, writes Jenn Gidman. Not only will dairy farms need to reduce methane emissions by 40%, but they will also face new regulations governing bovine flatulence. This measure led to a number of tongue-in-cheek headlines including “California is Going After its Farting Cows” and “Cow Farts Can Now Be Regulated in California.” Newser, Fox News.

This week is Climate Week in New York City. Elsa Wenzel reports that Bank of America, Apple, and General Motors are winning early headlines for pledging to make a full transition to 100% renewable energy. Lime Energy will have its own presence in New York for Climate Week, sponsoring Greentech Media’s conference REV Future 2016, featuring Adam Procell, our President and CEO, speaking about community-based energy management. GreenBiz, Greentech Media.

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