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Fuel for Thought – Lime Energy News and Links for February

After a long hiatus, we are back with some of the best articles and energy news for you.  This month’s links feature drones and panicking utilities along with an essential read on the income inefficiencies of energy efficiency.

Drones versus Trucks

Are drones energy efficient? A new study sought to find out. The conclusion of the study authors, writes Rakesh Sharma, was a definite maybe. Drones beat trucks, the main competition for product delivery, over short distances. For longer trips, especially in states with less renewable energy, trucks still use less power. Energy Central.

The Facts and the Factbook

Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy recently released the annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook. This year’s factbook should inspire optimism in the clean energy sector argues Sneha Ayyagari. Growth in energy efficiency along with other clean energy industries are a few of the encouraging indicators among recent energy news. NRDC Expert Blog.

Bedlam and Turmoil

The United States electricity sector is facing bedlam and turmoil. The cause, explains David Roberts, is stagnant energy demand. After using more energy every year for a century, Americans have used the same amount of annual energy for the last ten years. That flat load, Roberts writes, has threatened the utility business model. Changes are on the horizon including the potential for dramatic utility reform. Vox.

Does Energy Efficiency Create Energy Inequality?

The benefits of energy efficiency are not experienced equally. Low-income Americans are less likely to be able to afford the upfront costs of efficiency. Therefore, they are more likely to live in energy-guzzling homes or own inefficient businesses. Government programs dedicated to overcoming the obstacles are insufficient and getting worse. In an eye-opening article on energy inequity, Michael Isaac Stein describes the many factors contributing to this imbalance. Citylab.

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