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Industry Advantages: LED Lights for Car Dealerships

LED lights can benefit any business by saving the business owner money from energy costs. Certain businesses, however, profit uniquely when upgrading their lights. We will be running a series of weekly blog posts describing those industry-specific advantages. For our final post, here are the benefits of LED lights for car dealerships.

Automotive dealerships are well positioned to benefit from an upgrade to LED lights. First, they rely on a wide variety and high volume of lighting, both interior and exterior. Second, they consume large amounts of electricity. America’s 17,000 dealerships use up to 18 percent more energy than the commercial building average. By replacing older, less efficient lights with state-of-the-art LEDs, auto dealerships can address both of these needs. LEDs can simultaneously lower energy bills and improve lighting quality. Here are some of the biggest advantages of LED lights for car dealerships:

Make Your Showroom into a Showpiece

LED lights set the right mood, reduce glare, and highlight the cars displayed in the showroom. They can draw attention to the newest model or encourage shoppers to linger by making the showroom more inviting. And just as LEDs in grocery stores can make fruit look brighter and more vivid, they can do the same for the colors of cars on the showroom floor. All of these features are available because LED lights can be customized to create the right feel. Using lights with the correct brightness, desired warmth, and proper direct can convey the exact feeling that motivates customers to take a test drive. With an upgrade to LEDs, a car dealership can convert a dark, dingy showroom into a showstopper that emphasizes the vehicles for sale.

Inviting Lots

LED lights offer a dramatic improvement for exterior lighting and few industries benefit more from premier exterior lights than auto dealers. LEDs offer several benefits for outdoor lots. First, they can be focused in a specific direction and they create light that spreads evenly through the lot. This allows dealerships to avoid spots of darkness between pole lights. Second, they make colors pop and paint jobs shine. These two features not only shine the best light on a dealerships inventory but also improve safety and security at night.

Bright in the Back

Areas with cars on display aren’t the only places that can benefit from LEDs. Most dealerships also house a maintenance and repair garage that will get a big boost from a lighting upgrade. LEDs are brighter than similarly rated fluorescent bulbs because of their directional light. They create fewer shadows and brighter work stations. Accidents drop with brighter lights, improving workplace safety. LEDs also increase worker productivity. Improved lights make it easier to find dings and scratches, easier to see proper equipment, and easier to locate a mechanism that needs repair. These advantages mean happier, healthier, more productive employees.

More Money, Less Problems

Like retail and restaurants, warehouses and grocery stores, LED lights for car dealerships help save money. LED bulbs last up to ten times longer than competing bulb options. Not only do car dealerships and other businesses save money on replacement bulbs, but they also avoid the headache of replacing dead lights. In this case, saving more money does not mean more problems. Above all else, LEDs help business owners reduce the cost of the electricity bill – often as much as 75 percent. To make showrooms pop, lots glisten, and the shop hum with productivity, all while saving money every month, auto dealers should consider the advantages of LEDs for car dealerships.

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