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Industry Advantages: LED Lights in Restaurants

LED lights can benefit any business by saving the business owner money from energy costs. Certain businesses, however, profit uniquely when upgrading their lights. We will be running a series of weekly blog posts describing those industry-specific advantages. For our fourth post, here are the benefits of LED lights in restaurants.

Great lighting can distinguish almost any restaurant. Whatever mood a restaurant seeks, the right lighting can help achieve it. Whether romantic or casual, classic or kitschy, fun or laid-back, with the right lights any mood is possible. A restaurant can stand out for many reasons but new LED lighting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get noticed. New LEDs do more than just upgrade a restaurant’s appearance, they also help save money. Those are just two benefits of upgrading to LEDs. Here are some of the biggest advantages of LED lights in restaurants:

All About Ambiance

Ambiance and atmosphere are essential to the look and feel of any restaurant. Few elements contribute more to ambiance than lighting. When a restaurant upgrades to LEDs, it has an opportunity to customize interior lighting to suit the desired mood. Creating the perfect mood matters. According to a survey of hospitality professionals, more than 70% of respondents agreed that proper lighting made them stay at a restaurant for a longer time. Conversely, a space that was too bright or too dim made them leave early.

LEDs come in a variety of brightness and warmth ratings. Choosing warm lights or cool lights, bright lights or dim lights will determine the character of a restaurant. An industrial cocktail bar requires a different aesthetic than a Tuscan bistro. LEDs accommodate both. While less-efficient incandescent lights can also create a welcoming ambiance, they burn out quickly. Restaurant owners with incandescent lights must be prepared with a supply of replacement bulbs or risk creating an ambiance that screams neglect. New LED lights in restaurants create an ideal atmosphere without making guests squint to read a menu.

Variety is the Spice of Light

Restaurants require a variety of lights. Bar lights differ from table lights. Kitchen lights differ from entryway lights. There is not a one-bulb-fits-all solution to optimize restaurant lighting. LEDs solve that problem. They can be installed in pendant lights, panel lights, strip lights, recessed lights, exterior flood lights, exterior pole lights, and any other light a restaurant may need. Not only can restaurant owners choose the brightness and warmth to suit their needs, they can also choose their desired fixtures. LED lights can even be used for open signs and exit signs. In short, LEDs are adaptable – perfect for the wide-ranging needs of restaurant lighting.

Relief for Other Appliances Too

LED lights generate less heat than fluorescent or incandescent counterparts. Less heat from lights means less work for air conditioning systems. With LEDs inside commercial coolers or freezers, these appliances also require less energy to keep food cool. The reduced cooling load extends the life of HVAC equipment too, another money saving advantage. While the lower burn temperatures of LED lights may not make a major dent in a monthly energy bills, the savings will accumulate over time. When considering an upgrade to LEDs, remember that they improve more than just lights.

Dollars and Sense

Restaurants use five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. In such an energy-intensive industry, opportunities to reduce energy consumption make a tremendous difference. LEDs reduce energy consumption from both lights and other appliances. This reduced energy usage provides a similar reduction in energy costs. LED lights can reduce lighting-related electricity costs by more than 75 percent. LED lights in restaurants both improve appearances and save money at the same time. For restaurants, an upgrade from older lights saves dollars and makes sense.

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