LEED Gold facility showcases sustainability & design build capability

The LEED Gold Dewey Short Visitors Center at Table Rock Dam in Branson, MO encompasses 15,000 square feet with an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainability and educational exhibits.

The exhibits were developed to proactively engage the public in sustainability experiences that encourage a broader appreciation of the features and resources of the entire region. Lime Energy was awarded the design-build task order by the US Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, AL through their Facility Repair and Renewable (FRR) Contract in May 2010.

Dewey Short Visitor Center in Branson, MO

Through comprehensive master planning, multi-disciplinary Dewey Short Visitor Center design and the resulting construction of the visitor center, Lime Energy provided a whole-site solution that incorporated site drainage and storm water quality management via bio-swale (rain gardens), minimal site maintenance and zeriscaping (local natural landscaping).

Internally, the center utilizes ambient daylighting, energy efficient lighting, recycled, non-toxic materials, water efficient fixtures, closed loop geothermal (water to water) HVAC and enhanced systems commissioning that ensures all building systems perform at an optimum level.

The building’s energy efficiency is 35% below current ASHRAE standards and 83% of the construction waste was recycled. In addition to the expected environmental and tourism impact, the two year project also provided another local benefit to the Branson and Springfield Communities.  By sourcing materials and labor locally, Lime Energy hired 40 local subcontractors whose 100+ workers put in 50,000 man hours of no-accident work to complete the center over the course of the two year project.

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