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Life at Lime: Outside Sales

Working in sales comes with the usual challenges like prospecting, consistent follow up, and competitive differentiation. And despite facing these hurdles, team members believe working in Lime’s sales department is an invaluable experience. Sales representatives first undergo in-depth training and are offered additional opportunities to continue education as they progress. Sales team members also have access to a plethora of resources and the opportunity to work with the latest technology. With many opportunities to grow, working in Lime’s sales department is rewarding at any career stage. 

To provide insight into our sales department, we interviewed two members of our team, Ted and Zach, to share their unique experiences.  

Ted Melnik, Energy Service Representative

How long have you been with Lime?

I started in September of 2016.

Tell me about one of your recent achievements:

A recent achievement was a big sale closed at the beginning of the year, which required the coordination of several team members. The assessment took a few hours due to the size and required an HVAC assessment performed by one of Lime’s field technicians. Before closing the deal, another Lime employee conducted a post-audit walkthrough and identified additional ways to save the customer money. The customer was excited about the extra savings, and they could not be more impressed by our speed and performance! 

What is your favorite part about working for Lime? 

My favorite part is what I think is the most underrated part about Lime—the employees I work with daily. The coordinated efforts of administration, construction, technology, sales, and management help make my life easier and will always be the ultimate reason for my success.

How has your position at Lime impacted your career? 

As an Energy Service Representative, Lime gives me the freedom to plan my schedule and strategy to reach my goals. This job helped to sharpen my time management and organization skills. Also, I improved my ability to close sales face-to-face. I had limited formal experience doing so before Lime, and now I’m one of the top performers on my team.  

What makes your department unique?

The job of a traveling salesman can feel like you are stuck on a deserted island. However, that feeling of loneliness doesn’t exist because of the friends I have met through working here. I can depend on my department if I need them to show up to a job or at the tee box.

Zach Collins, Sales Manager

How long have you been with Lime?

Just over a year!

What are some responsibilities in your role?

My responsibilities include supporting my team and ensuring that we meet forecasts and goals. And as a representative would, I also meet with businesses and public facilities to contribute to our team goal.

Tell me about one of your recent achievements:

It was exciting to have so much success in a new territory. Lime had no presence in Illinois until 2019, and our team exceeded goals while battling heavy competition.

What’s your favorite part about working for Lime?

My favorite part about working for Lime is it allows me to support myself and my family without sacrificing my values. With Lime, I get to support my community and help make the world a less wasteful and better place.

What has been Lime’s impact on your career?

Lime’s impact on my career has been nothing short of fantastic. There is no shortage of support from this company. I was promoted from ESR to Sales Manager in one year! I appreciate the coaching and support from my immediate superiors and company.

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