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Life at Lime – Sales Edition

When discussing “employee experience,” some people refer to job perks like performance bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and 401k. But employee experience goes beyond these job perks; it also includes everyday interactions with the team, work/life balance, and professional development. Lime Energy strives to provide employees with more than just benefits. We have created a collaborative and inclusive environment that equips employees with the tools to grow and succeed, from learning opportunities to professional advancement.

To unveil this “Life at Lime,” we interviewed employees about their experiences since joining the company. For the first look at “Life at Lime,” we begin with two members of our sales team. Working on our sales team is a unique experience. Lime offers our sales team many opportunities, such as in-depth technology training and prizes for top sales. Here’s what two members of the team, Terrence and Chris, said about their experience in Lime Energy’s sales department: 

Terrence, Inside Sales Account Manager   

How long have you worked at Lime? Five months 

What are your job responsibilities? I work closely with customers that have not moved forward with their contract to make energy-efficient upgrades to their business. I also address any questions or concerns, ensure customer satisfaction, and move the project forward. Another part of my role is that I prospect for new business, including cold calling and scheduling client meetings for our Energy Service Representative team.

What do you feel like your impact has been on Lime? I have generated new leads for the company and achieved the most sold on my team. I feel that has been my biggest accomplishment so far. 

What is your favorite part about working for Lime? I enjoy many aspects of working for Lime.  The team is friendly and always willing to help. The location is convenient for commuting, adjacent to Newark Penn Station. Also, Lime places a lot of trust in its employees and avoids micromanaging. 

What have you learned in your role? Top-selling techniques is one of the first things I learned, which helped me to become successful in my role. I have also learned a great deal about energy efficiency and how it converts to energy savings. I learned to communicate the importance of conserving energy to small/mid-size businesses and how to take advantage of utility incentives. 

Chris, Energy Sales Representative

How long have you worked at Lime? Two years

What are your job responsibilities?  I am responsible for educating customers about energy efficiency and how their business can benefit. I discover their pain points, build urgency, articulate value, and CLOSE the deal.

What is your favorite part about working at Lime? My favorite part about working with Lime is the challenge of selling projects to small business customers. Many small business owners are preoccupied with day-to-day operations and are often hard to reach. I enjoy the challenge of working with customers to help make their business more efficient. 

What is your biggest accomplishment and how was it recognized? As a result of hard work, I have achieved top sales for the company on multiple occasions. I receive recognition from my sales manager, Bright Stars (Lime’s new employee recognition program), and our weekly Summer Prize Wheel. 

How has your position at Lime impacted your career?My position has been a great learning experience. I plan to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Lime, further my education, and advance through the company. 

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