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Life at Lime: The Technology Team

When you see technology team members in the office, they’re often addressing technical issues. However, their job function extends beyond support. The technology team—the glue of the organization— ensures all business runs smoothly. By addressing almost 600 monthly requests and juggling multiple projects, the team has their hands full. But despite these pressure-inducing responsibilities, team members agree working in Lime’s Technology Department is a rewarding experience and presents many opportunities.

Here’s what three members of the team said about their experience in Lime Energy’s technology department: 

Jonathan Harding, Software Operations Manager 

How long have you been with Lime?

I started working at Lime three months ago after spending fifteen years working in banking. I wanted my career to align with the mission of addressing climate change; this mission literally gets me out of bed each day. 

What are your job responsibilities?
I am part of the software development team as an Agile Scrum Master (a specialized project manager). My responsibilities are focused around aligning technology with Lime’s business objectives.   

Tell me about one of your recent achievements? How did you accomplish it?
With the roll-out of a recent California schools program, we were dealing with a few system usability issues caused by differences in buildings and scale in that environment. We worked with the California program team to identify opportunities for performance improvements. And over six weeks, and three software releases, we made dramatic improvements to the experience and usability of the system.   

What have you learned in your role?

I’ve learned a lot in a short amount of time. Lime’s technology team uses leading technology, and I’m learning something new every day about cloud computing, mobile tech, and the Internet of Things(IoT).  I’ve also learned a lot about small business energy efficiency approaches, products/measures, and partnering with utility companies.  

technology team member

Mohamed Elamin, IT Support Specialist 

How long have you been with Lime?

Almost two years—I started as an intern in March 2018 and was promoted to an IT Support Specialist a few months later.

What is your favorite part about working for Lime? 

I love the collaborative environment. My team, as well as everyone at Lime, works together to achieve company goals. We all support each other and work together to turn ideas into reality.

How has your position at Lime impacted your career? 

When I started as an intern, it was a great opportunity to apply my classroom knowledge to a real-world experience. I’ve also improved my technical and soft skills, like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Since taking on the role of a full-time IT Support Specialist, my responsibilities have grown tremendously. Now, I assist with the implementation of new applications or operating systems. I also troubleshoot malfunctioning hardware and software and find cost-effective solutions.

What makes your department unique?

We’ve put processes in place to help our employees to become more productive, effective, and creative. We begin by researching new tools and making recommendations. We also collect and analyze data to identify where problems exist now and where they might occur in the future. 

Donna Koenigsaecker, IT Support Manager 

How long have you been with Lime?

Just over a year—my work anniversary was on November 14th!

What are your job responsibilities? I work with all areas of the company, from assisting with technology incidents and application support to ensuring new hires and equipment are fully functional.

How has your position at Lime impacted your career? The possibilities are endless with Lime. There is always something to learn and ways to grow. I also enjoy being part of an organization that allows me to make a difference in its growth, like saving the business money and improving efficiency. I am proud to work at Lime Energy. My experience here feels less like a job and more of a career. 

What makes your department unique? We are the first point of contact when someone has a question or needs technical support, especially since our team works with every facet of the company. It’s also exciting to engage with everyone in the company and take pride in assisting from start to resolution!

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