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Life at Lime: Accounting Edition

We continue our “Life at Lime” series with an inside look of our accounting department. The accounting team, both our accounts receivable and accounts payable departments, is essential to Lime’s operations. Work is always varied for members of accounting. Each team member plays a key role in achieving department objectives, such as improving customer experience and increasing revenue.    

Team members are encouraged to take a collaborative approach when problem-solving and an entrepreneurial spirit when initiating new projects. Lime provides team members with the tools and resources to launch these projects and attain their personal and professional goals. Working in Lime’s accounting department is a rewarding experience because employees have many opportunities to learn, grow, and advance through the company.  

Here’s what two members of the team, Richa and Joseph, said about their experience in Lime Energy’s accounting department: 

Two members of our accounting department collaborating on a project

Richa, Accounts Receivable Specialist

How long have you been with Lime?

I have been with Lime for almost ten months. I started on the first business day of the new year. 

What are your job responsibilities? As an AR Specialist, my primary responsibilities include providing excellent customer service and collecting/analyzing customer accounts. I also assist with the day-to-day tasks needed within the Accounts Receivable department. 

What do you feel like your impact has been on Lime? I believe that everyone in AR has worked as a team to bring our bad debt percentage to its lowest. Since I’ve started, I’ve impacted my department by proactively helping to reduce bad debt, mentoring new team members, and spearheading new initiatives.  

What is your favorite part about working for Lime? The culture. Since my first day at Lime, everyone has been welcoming. There is never a dull moment. The team always engaged with each other, which helps to create a comfortable and motivating workplace. 

How has your position at Lime impacted your career?There are unlimited advancements at Lime. I’ve spearheaded multiple projects, one of which is leading the paperless initiative for our new payment portal.  

Joseph, Accounts Receivable Manager 

How long have you been with Lime? Two years

What are your job responsibilities? I am responsible for the daily operation of the Credit, Collections, Cash Application, and AR departments. My duties include setting and implementing AR strategies, tracking performance, and ensuring the team achieves performance benchmarks. I also oversee the design and implementation of workflow; maintain optimal sales while controlling DSO and cash flow; set team benchmarks; and track KPI’s to ensure maximum efficiency. I am also responsible for P&L, bad debt, goal setting, performance evaluations, and other finance operational duties. 

What do you feel like your impact has been on Lime?When I started at Lime, my goal was to reduce company costs and increase revenue. First, I brainstormed new ways to improve efficiency and streamline manual tasks. Second, I worked with my team to implement new technologies which helped us to become more efficient. As a result of our new efforts, bad debt hit an all-time low.  

What is your favorite part about working for Lime? I enjoy Lime’s collaborate environment and having a voice in my department. My boss listens to my ideas, and the whole team works together to achieve department objectives. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals—all revolved around helping the customer. At other companies, I have not seen this level of teamwork, collaboration, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

What have you learned in your role? In my role, I’ve learned that problem solving is the key to being successful. When a problem requires an out-of-the-box solution, I learned how to gather stakeholders and brainstorm creative approaches. I also learned that the first idea might not be the one that works, and that failure may mean returning to the drawing board.

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