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Lime Energy Awarded Commercial Energy Efficiency Program Contract and Pay-for-Performance Small Business Pilot with Central Hudson Gas & Electric

Delivering new, innovative products and services that make energy efficiency more affordable for the utility and its commercial customers.

NEWARK, NJ – September 19, 2017 – Lime Energy Co., a leading national provider of energy efficiency products and services to utilities and their commercial customers, announced today it has been awarded a three-year contract with Central Hudson Gas & Electric to implement their Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program. As part of the contract, Lime Energy will be piloting a unique pay through savings approach to accurately assess monthly savings and ultimately drive down utility costs. The new efficiency contract and pilot is a continuation of the existing partnership between Lime Energy and the utility, which have been serving Hudson Valley businesses together since 2012.

The contract renews Lime Energy’s role as implementer of Central Hudson Gas & Electric’s Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program. The program serves commercial customers throughout the utility’s territory and provides incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. Since 2012, Lime Energy has successfully provided energy efficiency upgrades to more than 2,600 customers in the Hudson Valley, delivered an estimated 80,000 MWhs of energy reduction that have saved business owners more than $11.5 million in energy costs per year, and consistently earned above 95 percent satisfaction from surveyed customers in this program. Through innovations such as state-of-the-art supply chain solutions, and advanced customer engagement and sales strategies, Lime Energy has steadily driven down costs to implement this program.

Beginning in September of 2017, the Small Business Pay-for-Performance Pilot will test a pay through savings approach that leverages cutting edge technology to allow customers to pay for energy efficiency upgrades through the actual monthly energy savings they receive from that upgrade. The pilot will attempt to demonstrate whether this model can improve participation rates in small commercial energy efficiency programs, while improving economic efficiencies. This new model will allow Central Hudson Gas & Electric to pioneer a new approach to energy efficiency that addresses both customer needs and the evolving regulatory atmosphere in New York since the creation of the Reforming the Energy Vision Initiative.

“Lime Energy is proud to continue building our innovative partnership with Central Hudson Gas & Electric, especially as New York State’s energy landscape continues to take shape,” said Adam Procell, Lime Energy’s President and CEO. “We look forward to the opportunity to build a market that properly values energy efficiency resources, while also exploring new products and services that encourage more businesses to embrace energy saving solutions.”

Together, the Small Business Direct Install Lighting Program and the Small Business Pay-for-Performance Pilot will allow Lime Energy to continue delivering energy efficiency services to the Hudson Valley’s small businesses while also introducing new approaches that are both state-of-the-art and increasingly affordable for both the utility and its customers.

“Central Hudson is pleased to offer our small business customers energy-saving services to help lower their energy usage and carbon footprint,” said Joe Hally, Manager of Energy Transformation & Solutions at Central Hudson Gas & Electric. “Lime Energy is a key partner in facilitating this offering which helps Central Hudson meet our efficiency goals.”

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