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Lime Energy Completes 125,000 Energy Efficiency Projects

Helping businesses improve their bottom line, creating jobs, meeting utility client goals.

NEWARK, NJ –  July 12, 2017 – Lime Energy Co., a leading provider of energy efficiency products and services to utilities and their commercial customers, announced today that it has completed more than 125,000 commercial building energy efficiency projects. These facility upgrades have reduced business owners’ annual energy costs by more than $170 million. Through the development and implementation of these projects, Lime Energy has pioneered many industry-leading innovations. The company remains committed to creating new opportunities to drive the industry forward and better serve our utility clients and commercial customers.

From its inception, Lime Energy has been dedicated to improving its approach to providing energy efficiency services.  Lime Energy’s culture of innovation has resulted in state-of-the-art supply chain solutions for utility energy efficiency programs, premier customer engagement and sales strategies, the introduction of cutting-edge smart building products, and a pay-for-performance model that allows its utility clients to procure guaranteed energy efficiency resources through a performance contract. These improvements have dramatically reduced utility clients’ Cost of Saved Energy (the cost to procure a kilowatt-hour of energy saved), which has fallen as much as 50 percent for some utilities.

The innovations across Lime Energy’s 125,000 energy efficiency projects have also delivered tremendous economic benefits to the businesses and communities it serves. The reinvestment of energy cost savings from these projects will allow the creation of almost 12,000 jobs over the next ten years. Businesses on average saved $1,800 per year, which contributed to improved cash flow positions and reinvestment in local economies. Furthermore, business owners have expressed high satisfaction with the energy and economic savings they have received. In 2016, Lime Energy received a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating, which is a testament to the company’s customer-centric approach.

As it looks forward to the next 125,000 energy efficiency projects, Lime Energy remains committed to introducing further enhancements to our services for utilities and commercial customers. Current work includes innovations in project financing, integrated building controls, real-time energy savings measurement & verification, and pay-through-savings options for customers. With these developments, Lime Energy will continue to drive down the Cost of Saved Energy for utilities while increasing commercial customer participation and satisfaction.

“The sheer volume of commercial energy efficiency projects that Lime Energy has developed and implemented gives us tremendous insight into this market segment, a segment that remains largely underserved nationally,” said Adam Procell, Lime Energy’s President and CEO. “We will continue our commitment to delivering cost effective energy efficiency resources to our utility clients, while serving all businesses including the hard-to-reach, small businesses with the most state-of-the-art energy efficiency services at the most affordable cost.”

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About Lime Energy
Lime Energy is building a new energy future. As a leading national provider of energy efficiency products and services to utilities and their commercial customers, Lime Energy designs and implements direct install programs which consistently exceed program savings goals. Our award-winning, integrated services programs provide utilities with reliable energy efficiency resources while delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. This next generation approach is helping utilities across the country to go deeper and broader with the cheapest, cleanest and fastest energy resource that we have – energy efficiency.


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