Lime Energy President Presents to Lee College of Engineering

Lime Energy President and Chief Executive Officer John O’Rourke spoke to 130 Lee College of Engineering students at UNC Charlotte on Friday, March 30th. As part of the Engineering program’s Leadership for Young Professionals series, John spoke candidly with the class regarding his own personal journey, his management approach and Lime’s position as a leader in the Clean Energy space.

In discussing lessons learned, John stressed the importance of always aligning personal values with those of your company. He outlined Lime Energy’s Core Values and demonstrated how they have contributed to the growth of the company from $8.6 million 5 years ago to $120 million in 2011. John also spoke to the many global drivers behind the energy efficiency movement, fielded questions from the students and pointed several seniors towards Lime Energy’s current job openings.

Lime Energy President and Chief Executive Officer John O’Rourke

The Leadership Program at UNCC is a multi-disciplinary professional development course for junior and senior engineering majors. The course is structured to allow for engineering and business professionals from various industries to interact and discuss various non-technical topics with UNCC students. Topics include: leadership, ethics, global issues, societal problems and contemporary topics.

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