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Lime Energy's Throwback to AESP 2013

We’re throwing it back this Thursday!

Back to the year of the royal baby, Snapchat, the Super Bowl blackout and the Breaking Bad finale.

That’s right, we’re flashing back to our presentation with AEP Ohio at the AESP Spring 2013 Conference: “Micromarketing to Deliver kWhs.†We shared the story about what went into creating the Small Business Express Program for AEP Ohio. A program that not only helps deliver energy savings goals, but also makes a difference in the lives of small business customers every day. Click here to flashback to 2013 and check out the presentation!

Since 2009, Lime Energy has provided turnkey energy efficiency solutions to small business customers. With each project we gained new insight and were able to identify patterns in customer participation across our geographic markets by vertical, energy usage, building type, customer persona, and marketing deliverables. Over the past 5 years, Lime Energy has been able to combine this valuable intelligence with sophisticated geo-targeting segmentation, resulting in smarter, cost-effective marketing solutions that drive participation in our small business markets.

Be on the lookout for our additional 2015 Marketing Intelligence whitepapers that will elaborate on successful energy efficiency marketing.

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