Taking energy efficiency to a whole new level.

We’re a major provider of energy efficiency services to commercial businesses and industrial facilities across the US. So whether you’re working at one site or across multiple locations, our assessment, consulting and implementation services are proven to cut operation and maintenance costs – and improve the value of your facilities and infrastructure.

Cut costs, improve performance.

From banks to public services, we help some of the most demanding large organizations operate more flexibly and efficiently – while cutting their operating costs.

Reduce your environmental impact.
Then show the world.

Nationally, we’ve helped US businesses save over 1,000 GWh through our programs to date – which environmentally speaking, is equivalent to removing 145,169 cars from the road in one year. We’ve got the tools to help you demonstrate these savings – after all, if it’s worth saving, it’s worth sharing.

Unlock savings. Transform efficiency.

Our programs deliver major short and long-term cost savings for businesses, taking advantage of utility and government incentives to offset project investments. From lighting and heating to water conservation, weatherization and controls, we’re experts at identifying and implementing energy efficiency programs with long-term business value.

Power is nothing without control.

As well as helping business owners visualize the energy they’re using on a daily basis, our applications allow you to directly control your facilities and equipment – optimizing both your energy consumption and business performance.

How Lime Energy can help.

First contact. One contact.

Coordinating and optimizing energy management across multiple sites is a time-consuming business. We manage programs for businesses with operations that span multiple states, sites, and utility relationships and give you the simplicity of a single point-of-contact, with consistent local implementation.

Incentives that fit like a glove.

Being able to benchmark pricing and calculate the lifetime value of energy efficiency solutions is crucial for board level buy-in and investment. But understanding the range of utility energy saving incentives and technologies on offer can be bewildering. Our insight and expertise ensure projects deliver a combination of measures that are tailor made for your business.



National reach. Local implementation.

We manage programs for businesses with operations that span multiple states and utility providers. And we work with over half of the US’s major utilities, providing services to thousands of US businesses. At the same time, our local expert teams ensure we also have direct contact with our customers, so we have a deep understanding at both local and national level.


Choice, price and flexibility.

Our scale means we have the purchasing power to offer a huge spectrum of choice and the best prices in terms of equipment and technology to improve the performance of your business, from lighting and HVAC to control equipment. We also offer our customers flexibility in how they finance energy saving measures.

How Lime Energy has helped other businesses.

We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses, so we understand your unique needs. Here are some of the incredible improvements we’ve delivered on a national scale.


in annual savings returned

We’ve delivered energy upgrades for over 5,700 banking facilities in 46 states, covering 33.3 million square feet, including retail branches, data centers, call centers and corporate office space. These projects returned $7.7 million in annual savings and $3.2 million in utility incentives to our clients, providing an overall average ROI of 31%.

From fire stations to high schools, Lime Energy has implemented efficiency solutions in over 2,000 public buildings. Lime’s approach to municipal energy efficiency includes specialized funding, deep retrofits, and a simplified process.


in efficiency solutions
for public buildings

Why Lime Energy?

  • We can identify and deliver the best utility incentives to your doorstep. Lime Energy works with over half of the US’s top 25 utility companies as an energy efficiency program provider, and 35% of all US electric companies.
  • We’re trusted by some of the US’s biggest businesses. Lime Energy works with Fortune 300 companies as well as some of the largest municipal organizations.
  • We’ve got the scale and reach to match your business. We compete over 20,000 energy efficiency projects a year from coast to coast – one every six minutes.


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